Bowful of Sparkles!!!

I. love. to. dance.
It's one of those things that just fills me deep within, when there are no words left to express the feeling.... I dance.

Sometimes it's not something that choreographed and sometimes it is but one of my favorite types of dancing is liturgical dance.

One of my other favorite things I love is giving my God the praise. So if I could bring my love of dance and my love for the Lord together it's a good day for me!!

There are a lot of dances that I love but one of my favorite is Shekinah Glory Your Name and Psalm 27 followed closely by Richard Smallwood Anthem of Praise. They are both incredibly long but fun!!

I like to search on youtube and I found this other group doing a dance to Your Name and Psalm 27... so here it is and I think they did a good job



Good Hair

I know I am probably the last person to talk about this in the blogosphere..
But what exactly is good hair?

Before we even talk about this I just wish people would educate themselves before they start talking...
Did you know that relaxers contain many caustic materials?
Did you know that most black people have curly hair?
Did you know that to care for natural hair you cannot use the same products used for natural hair?

There are so many more questions I just want people to know the facts before another person tells me that my "wig" looks pretty. News flash!!!
The hair you see on my head actually grows from my scalp...but you would know that if you knew about natural hair at all.

Nappy or pretty.. I think my hair is fly!!!

Who wants to be right as rain...

Finish the lyrics and you get..
Brownie points!!!
Haha I'm struggling to even pay myself.

So question of the day
Why doesn't the Adventist church have a college scholarship fund for students (yes ones who go to Adventist institutions and ones who do not) so that they do not have to stress out when ever semester starts?????

Do you know?
No? I dont either....


All the Girls Standing in the Line for the Bathroom

I am a romantic at heart and one of the things that tugs at my heartstrings are weddings and all that it involves. This I can see as an alternative to having a bouquet of flowers... you know for the bride who may have a courthouse wedding (something that I might want) and wants something that will last (cause you know those flowers will die right?)

copy the link into the search bar and watch the magic happen

Just take a look and fall into the beauty that it is


I'm a Talkative Person Just Not a Phone Person

Man!! These past couple days have been really hectic. I was jet-setting in a sense. It was fun with the occasional bumps in the road.

Last night I went to a concert at New Life (yeah that's my home church) featuring JJ and Youthful Praise... and let me tell you it was amazing. Yes the music was loud as is typical New Life fashion and the praise team was alright but when it was JJ's turn he took it to a whole other level.

Still recovering from all the fun I had so I'll catch you on the flip side and I'm back to my regular update..